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Support Potential
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Enabling automated solutions via
cause/causality model driven by top call
drivers to reduce people dependency
Unearthing optimization opportunities
through Intuitive Operations dashboards &
dynamic analysis of vital support metrics
Enabling incident deflection (self help) and first call resolution through guided solutions driven by machine learning
Enabling support to scale faster by routing issues of increasing complexity based on skill level and past learning
Supportfirst helps you unlock your support potential
and address the stakeholder challenges.
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Organizations are under
pressure to consistently improve
customer satisfaction while
reducing the support costs.
BRAND EQUITY of any organization is in the hands of a very vocal customer base, who are the best judge of your customer service. Bad news spreads much faster than good news, and organizations often find themselves doing damage control on daily basis.

BUDGET for support activities and justifying the same is another gray area. Organizations are mostly constrained due to limited budget available for Customer Support operations, but the quality of service delivered is expected to be top-notch.

PERSON-DEPENDENCE has been adversely impacting Support industry more than any other. Investments into building knowledgeable human resources are constantly lost to competitors.

Support Managers have to consistently achieve SLA Metrics while
managing resource-starved operations.
EFFECTIVE FIRST CONTACT is necessary to make a good impression on the customer and any short-comings at this point are difficult to recover from.
COST PER INCIDENT tends to grow when support volume increases; however, Support Managers are tasked with reducing the cost per incident.
ATTRITION of high quality agents forces the manager into a never-ending process of constantly training and orienting new resources to make them productive as soon as possible.
ESCALATION RATIO tends to skew towards the higher support tiers over time and it is a constant struggle to maintain the right balance.
Customers often have poor support experience and have to make
repeat calls before the problem is resolved.
INACCURATE SOLUTIONS cause reopening of supposedly resolved issues and severely affect CSAT.
INCONSISTENT SERVICE EXPERIENCE arises due to non-uniform knowledge levels of agents interacting with the customer.
A positive customer support experience is a must and any slip is magnified in this social era.
REPEAT CALLS to follow-up on raised issues, sometimes with different departments and different agents, frustrates the Customers and makes them a detractor.
HIGH RESOLUTION TIME due to agents taking a long time to understand & diagnose the underlying problem. Customers expect an informed agent who can perform meaningful diagnostics to provide accurate responses to their pointed queries.
Supportfirst helps you realize the true potential of
your customer support investments by effectively surmounting
these challenges and delighting your stakeholders.
Support Managers
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Supportfirst : Support Services Platform
  • Improve

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    Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Proactive monitoring of all channels (chat, mail, phone
    and social)

    Accurate diagnosis for
    first call resolution

    Faster resolution via
    guided solutions
  • Optimize

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    Optimize Operations Expenditure
    Maximized issue resolution
    at lower support tiers

    Ramp Up
    Reduce program and on the
    job training times

    Zero touch incident
    resolution on Self-help
  • Reduce

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    Reduce People Dependency
    Store knowledge of SMEs
    in a systematic quality
    controlled process

    Continuously evaluate
    effectiveness of the
    captured knowledge

    Identify gaps and areas of
    improvement in the KB to
    ensure complete and
    accurate knowledge capture
  • Leverage

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    Leverage Data
    Top call driver identification
    through Natural Language
    Processing techniques

    Integrate disparate
    knowledge sources and
    associate contextually to
    top call drivers

    Provide the most relevant
    and useful information to
    agents in real time
Build Support Vocabulary
Identify Top Call Drivers
Build KB
Solve & Annotate
Guided Solutions
Features of Supportfirst
Accelerated Self-service
Supportfirst's Self-help portal helps Customers to resolve problems by guiding them through diagnostic questions that identify the root-cause and provides ready-to-use resolution steps.
Adaptive Learning
Supportfirst drives on-the-job learning to achieve SME-like performance from every agent by assigning incidents with incremental increase in complexity based on agents' past performance in solving incidents.
Accelerated Ramp-up
Supportfirst ensures that new agents with minimal training or experience can become productive from the first day by providing them with incident-specific diagnostics and guided resolutions to solve incidents without any external help.
Directed Knowledge Capture
Supportfirst analyzes voluminous incident data using Natural Language Processing and recognizes prominent problem areas. Supportfirst provides an interface where SMEs are directed to provide the diagnostic steps and resolution process for these problem areas, which it continuously validates for effectiveness and relevancy.
Guided Resolution for Agents
Supportfirst provides the agents with pin-pointed troubleshooting instructions for complex incidents to help them accurately diagnose the problem and provides them the solution to resolve them.
Knowledge Sources Integration
Supportfirst integrates the knowledge residing in various data sources across the organization like incident history, runbooks, KB articles, defect logs, Known Error Databases, Wiki etc. Supportfirst contextually maps relevant knowledge from all the available sources to new support incidents by identifying the call drivers causing the incidents.
Social Integration
Supportfirst actively detects probable issues on social channels and alerts you even before the customer registers an incident, enabling you to proactively support even before it is called for.
Operational Insight Dashboards
Supportfirst presents the on-the-floor scenario to your managers with customizable dashboards which highlight favourable and undesirable events by continuously updating business critical metrics and also providing actionable interpretation to take quick and accurate decisions.
Drill-down Analytics
Supportfirst helps you sift through voluminous incident logs and unearth areas of improvement by allowing you to add/remove dimensions for comparing various factors in real-time. Supportfirst facilitates SQL-like selection for choosing or eliminating multiple criteria and generates graphical reports on the fly in desired format.
Benefits of Supportfirst
Address Customer grievances proactively through automated response to incidents arising via social channels

Deflect and reduce incidents by enabling self-service for customers through guided solutions of curated issues

Provide agent with incident-specific diagnostics to examine the incident effectively, assuring the customers of quick and precise responses
Internalize all problem-solving knowledge from SMEs for identified problem areas resulting in a complete and ready-to-use Knowledgebase

Guide agents to resolutions for complex incidents through a user-friendly interface using knowledgebase as & when required

Provide real-time support for on-call agents from more experienced agents through screen-sharing and remote desktop control
Extract the intent of the problem using Natural Language Processing and provide a history of similar past incidents with their solution paths

Provide Incident-specific diagnostics along with illustrations to help agents narrow down on the most probable causes for the incident

Guide the support agents to the relevant resolution steps - recorded and validated by SMEs - ensuring Right First Time resolution
Realize sustainable scaled up operations by consistent quality of performance at increased volumes

Enable enterprise-wide adoption of uniform service processes to provide functional agility

Identify Pain-areas
Provide robust drilled-down analytics reports with contextual analysis to identify key pain-areas

Highlight automatically identified top call drivers where SMEs can directly provide resolution information

Compare business-critical metrics in real time to take informed and quick decisions
Auto-refresh KB
Record knowledge of SMEs for identified top call drivers and validate from Senior SMEs to ensure correctness of captured information

Track the usage-frequency of captured knowledge and identify the unused or rarely used diagnostics and resolution steps to keep it current

Show Usage Analytics of the KB to help SMEs ensure that the KB remains relevant
Apply KB for Issue Resolution
Capture probable causes, diagnostics and resolution steps from SMEs for identified top call drivers and continuously validate them

Make the relevant and validated information available to agents as needed for quicker resolution

Map KB to New Incidents
Infer the intent of an incident from its content using Natural Language Processing to map the incident to an already identified call driver

Associate relevant diagnostics, solutions, KB articles and similar past incidents along with solution paths to ensure complete utilization of the KB

Improve Escalation Ratio
Provide agents with only relevant diagnostic steps and validated resolution process to help solve issues Right First Time

Shift resolution of complex yet repetitive incidents from L3 to L2 and L2 to L1 by continuous knowledge capturing from higher skilled agents and spreading it to lesser skilled agents

Decrease escalation of incidents from L1 to L2 by 30-40% and L2 to L3 by 10-15% on average
Reduce People Dependency
Ensure completeness of knowledge building for each problem type by systematic capture of diagnostics and resolutions from SMEs

Serve incident-specific information on need basis to guide the agent to resolution via a user-friendly interface

Extract the knowledge from individuals and ‘Attrition-proof’ the organization by making it available across the board
Build Knowledgebase
Prioritize SME knowledge-capturing for problem areas based on metrics (volume, criticality)

Record solution path of incidents resolved by senior agents and enable audit of the same by SMEs to ensure resolution by lower skilled agents for similar incidents

Track Productivity
Track contributions to KB enrichment per individual

Highlight ineffective resolutions and identify improvement areas

Track agent-wise productivity in terms of speed, accuracy, quality and volume of cases handled
The Supportfirst framework can be implemented
atop various incident management tools, both
commercial and Open Source. Currently there are two
actively supported implementations available.
RT from Best Practical
Best Practical Solutions LLC are the creators of RT: Request Tracker, the leading open-source issue tracking system. The Supportfirst service framework is implemented atop RT. The Supportfirst implementation seamlessly plugs into the RT workflow, both at the server-end and at the front-end User Interface.

For more information on RT from Best Practical, please visit the Website.
Service Cloud from Salesforce
The Service Cloud from Salesforce.com is a complete cloud-based solution for modern customer service. It includes the traditional channels of customer service like self-service, online search and social media communities. The Supportfirst implementation seamlessly plugs into the Service Cloud workflow using web services and customized UI implementations. It is available as an application from the App Store.

For more information on Service Cloud from Salesforce, please visit the Website.
Supportfirst was founded in 2012 with the goal of helping enterprises unlock their true Support Potential by extracting maximum value out of existing investments. What started as an incident management workflow has transformed into a full-fledged Support enablement platform assisting organizations serve their Customers with utmost efficiency.

Supportfirst offers a full suite of features and capabilities like Social integration, Contextualized Knowledgebase, Adaptive Learning and Big Data Analytics.

Organizations invest heavily for enriching their Knowledge sources but realizing these investments has always been a conundrum. Organizations already have all the elements needed to deliver
best-in-class service to their Customers, but identifying and leveraging them is a challenge which Supportfirst overcomes without adding any complexities while delivering person-independence, volume-agnostic performance and resource utilization as its core benefits.

Headquartered in San Jose, CA.

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